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20 Bernard Magnus Lane,     Greenhithe,      Auckland,     New Zealand,      (64) (9)  413 8008        swlthll@pl.net

Our garden is a way to allow us to express the basic shape and spirit of the land.   It purposefully does not have an overall 'design', and natural vegetation  is as important as planted vegetation. We find the different  areas of the garden evolve and take on a life of their own.   This is partly determined by the geography and solid clay with only 30mm of topsoil, but also by what we eventually find grows best in a particular area.   It is a garden to relax in, play games, watch and listen to the 27 or so species  of birds that live here and let the scenes and artwork take your mind on a journey.

The property is 10 acres that remained when the original owners subdivided the horse ranch which Bernard Magnus’s farm had become.   On the entrance side the area had been cleared and then allowed to revert to gorse, blackberry and wattle.   On the Greenhithe Road side of the property there was 60 year regenerating bush with pine trees from the original plantings at settlement. Both areas have streams in which we have encouraged native fauna.  The 4 acre bush  area continues to regenerate and we only walk on the paths other than eliminating the final areas of gorse and blackberry.  We are losing the battle with ‘ginger’, introduced by council drainage works but many unusual species of native flora remain. The circular ‘long’ bush walk takes about 10 minutes but is slippery in places and needs adequate footwear.

We have tried to blend the ‘European’ feel of the Bernard Magnus Lane side with the Bush area by planting predominantly European vegetation at the top and then progressively increasing the native plantings as we move down the property.   Although we have areas of flowering plants (such as the Vireya Rhododendron Valley and  perennial and annual borders, much of the vegetation has been fostered or planted to encourage a natural look and feel.  Areas of natural grasses and wild flowers are left where they flourish.

We encourage native and exotic birds by appropriate planting and feeding and ducks, bantams, quail and pheasants breed on the property.

Feel free to wander, but follow the direction arrows where paths are narrow and stick to tracks in the bush. We will be somewhere in the house area to answer questions about the garden or artWork.

The Professional Quality photographs are by Martine Boonzaaijer of

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Enjoy your visit and contact me with any comments or suggestions at the above e-mail

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